Precision Metal Stamping

JWR Technology's precision metal stamping service combines the experience of our toolmakers with our dedication to quality to produce components that reliably exceed the standards of our customers. Using progressive tooling and compound/secondary tooling to produce miniature/small parts and large sheet metal pieces, we are able to offer quick turnarounds on prototypes and production runs.

Being detailed and meticulous are the two fundamental elements needed when a metal stamping process is taking place, and those are the exact qualities that we adopt on a regular basis. We have all the required tools and expertise to create specific and detailed designs based on your preference.

  • 85% of Progressive Stamping and remaining Compound Stamping
  • Maximum capacity of 3,000,000 per month
  • Standard thickness that range from 0.15mm to 2.6mm
  • Material range is not limited, highly depends on market availability
  • Maximum Machine Size: 250 tonnes